Giving To Local Charities More Directly Helps Pets Than Giving To Large Organizations With Bloated Bureaucracies: Dog Food Entrepreneur Who Donates To Pet Adoption Group And Dog Park

I believe giving to local charities more directly helps pets than giving to large organizations with bloated bloated budgets. The helpful effects of my donations are immediate. My homemade dog food business has chosen a local pet adoption group and a local dog park as my company charities. Over 90 percent of dogs that use our park are fit and at their ideal body weight. Less than half of my veterinary patients are burning far more calories than if they were strolling with their owners. Owners say the exercise makes the dogs more calm at home. Because dog parks are “off-leash” areas, dogs going to dog parks need to already be well socialized. Dogs that are fearful of other dogs display body language that either invites attack from other dogs or results in attacks on other dogs during group play.


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