How To Keep Your Cat Safe From Shedding During The Winter And Summer Months (And Beyond)

Most cats shed, but some have hairless or very short hair. Some cats have double coats. The undercoat keeps the cat warmer in winter. But the undercoat also serves a purpose in summer. It keeps the longer outer coat lifted off. Seasonal shed can be quite dramatic in double-coated cats, especially those with long, thick fur. Indoor cats can not experience this kind of dramatic seasonal shed since they are usually living in a temperature controlled environment. Brushing your cat is a great way to help control the shed year-round. It is especially important during the seasonal shed in the spring and fall. Double down on brushing during Spring and Fall. Consider a bath or two to help move things along. Once the seasonal shedding is over, you’ll go back to the normal amount of cat hair in the house. If you suspect your pet is sick, immediately call your local veterinary office. . . .

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