Betta Poop Is A Natural Process Of Your Fish’S Digestion

Fish poop is a natural process of digestion of your fish. White or clear fecal movements are not actually a sign of disease. White feces can happen with fish who eat very sporadically, but their GI system is still processing. This can mean your fish is living at an inappropriate temperature. Bettas should be fed two to three times per day at a water temperature of 78 to 82 Fahrenheit (26 to 28 Celsius). Be sure that you are feeding them food that has been opened within the past six months. The amount of fish food given should be consumed in 3-5 minutes. Don't panic if you have not seen your betta poop for a while. Overfeeding your fish can have serious consequences. Check the tank water temperature to make sure it is warm enough for your Betta's metabolism to work correctly. To ensure your bett is healthy and has normal bowel movements, keep it in a heated, filtered aquarium. Check your water quality regularly and make sure that it is fed appropriately. If you have any concerns about your fish's health or health, contact your local aquatic veterinary. . . .

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