Anal Gland Infection Is A Condition That Causes Painful Swelling And Foul

Anal gland infection is a condition that causes painful swelling and foul-smelling discharge from sacs near a dog's rear end. Anal gland infections can affect your dog, prompt scooting behavior and require veterinary attention. The glands secrete a liquid or smooth yellow substance that may smell good to your dog and can be quite offensive to humans. An anal gland infection can be expressed when the dog suddenly contracts the anal sphincter. The contraction can happen when your dog is frightened or stressed. The area on one or both sides of the rectum will swell. Your dog may lick or bite the area to relieve the discomfort. Smaller dogs are more likely to have impacted the anal glands. Soft stools or diarrhea can lead to an abscess. An abscess can make the dog sick. It is not known why smaller dogs are less prone to an infection. For more information on an anal gland, go here . Treatment involves a rectal exam and an antibiotic injection. The dog will also have to be sedated for the procedure. An oral antibiotic may also be prescribed for the dog during the treatment. Puppies that suffer recurrences of impaction or infection require their anal glands to be expressed regularly, usually every four to six weeks. Surgical removal of the problem glands may be necessary in some cases. For routine anal gland maintenance, you can learn how to express the anal gland. . . .

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