Japanese Dog Names Inspired By A Dog'S Temperament Or Appearance

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/GettyImages-915830672-99aa3399478048c2a41b5c0b33588e4c. jpg) Japan is known for its unique traditions and cultures. The country is also known as a popular tourist destination.

Japanese Chin

We offer 60 Japanese dog names that could appeal to you. It could even be that you have a breed native to Japan. Make sure that the name you choose is one that everyone is in agreement with. Opt for a short name or at least one that can be easily abbreviated. You don't want your dog walker to keep calling your dog by the wrong name. If you pick a random Japanese word that sounds nice, just be careful. Japanese Dog Names Inspired by a Dog's Temperament or Appearance . Is your dog feisty, gentle, excitable or lazy? They might have long ears or they're a soft dog breed. Looking for their unique qualities can help you make a naming decision. Japan is world-renowned for its food, so you won't be short of inspiration when it comes to potential names for your dog. Peaches, Biscuit, Pickle and Fudge are a few common examples. Tai tea is also important in Japanese culture. Sushi is the most popular type of Japanese food. Noodle. . . .

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