Adding Too Many Fish At A Time Is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Stocking A New Aquarium, Expert Tells Pet Store Owners In An Article Published By Consumer Reports

The two biggest mistakes when stocking a new aquarium are adding too many fish at a time and choosing the wrong species. Moderation: you must add only a few at a moment. A beginner fish should have these qualities: physical appeal, beauty, and personality. Small schooling fish are generally good first fish. If you want more than one species, do not start them all at the same time. Most fish are more sensitive to water conditions than other fish. They often will not survive the initial start-up cycle. They are easy to feed and easy to care for. Cherry, Gold, Rosy, Ruby, Purple, and Tico Plecos are good. Zebra, Leopard, and Pearl Danios are bad. Avoid Plecos unless you have a large tank or a local pet shop that will take them back. Goldfish are cold-water fish that make copious amounts of waste. Live bearing fish require special conditions and are more susceptible to disease. Check the eyes; cloudy eyes are a sign of poor water conditions and disease. Avoid fish with sunken bellies, as they have been chronically underfed and may be suffering from a disease. . . .

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