Eastern Box Turtles Can Live Up To 100 Years In Captivity

Eastern box tortillas are found in the wild across the eastern United States. They live in a wide variety of habitats. This includes damp forests to dry grassy fields. These turtle have a high-domed shell that's brown with bright yellow, orange, and red markings. Eastern box tortoise can live 40 to 50 years in the captivity with good care and up to 100 years in captive. They are active during the day, which they naturally spend roaming around foraging for food. Most aquariums are too small for this turtle. An outdoor enclosure is ideal to mimic how it would live in the natural environment. These species like to dig. They provide clean soil to give enrichment to their enclosure. The turtle should have easy access to two shallow pots of water. The temperature should not drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Maint at least 70-80% humidity with daily misting or investing in a fogger. Eastern Box tortoise eat a variety of foods in their wild environment. Their diet should come as close to their natural one as possible. Approximately half of their daily diet should be vegetables, some fruit, and grasses. They like bright colored produce. Routine check-ups are crucial to ensuring the box turtle have problems with their shells, such as shell rot or ulcers. Many states have laws against collecting box turtles from the wild for the pet trade. However, wild-caught turtle don’t adjust well to captivity. It’s best to get a pet box turtle from a pet breeder or visit a rescue group. . . .

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