Jack Dempsey - Cichlasoma Octofasciatum: This Fish Is An Aggressive Carnivore And An Avid Digger

Jae barb (Enteromius jae) in nano aquarium:max _bytes(150000):strip _icc()/jae-barb--enteromius-jae--in-nano-aquarium-b2a9846e0fb0001c0db32. jpg) Jack Dempsey - Cichlasoma octofasciatum: This fish is an aggressive carnivore and an active digger. It lives in clear, warm, slow-moving waters. They like soft substrates with lots of places to hide. They can ambush their prey.Aquarium fishes, Jewel cichlid \(Hemichromis bimaculatus \) .  is a peaceful species that get along well with tank mates. Johanni Mbuna - Melanochromis johanni: The Electric Blue Johanni is a gorgeous fish. The male has a stunning blue body with darker blue stripes. This creates a checkerboard pattern. This fish was moderately hard to care for. . . .

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