Excessive Butt Licking Can Be A Sign Of A Health Problem In Your Dog: Dr

Excessive butt licking is not a normal behavior. It can be indicative of a health problem in your pooch. Dogs can lox their butts as part of their normal grooming. However, excessive tongue loxing may be normal. A dog will begin to hyper-lick their ass due to inflammation. Dogs are susceptible to various intestinal parasites. These include hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms. These can cause loose stool and diarrhea. They can irritate the rectal area. Skin allergies can also be a contributing factor to your dog's ass licking. If your dog is loxed on its tail, the first thing is to schedule a Vet appointment. Your dog will also need to have its anal glands checked to make sure they aren't full. If the contents of the anal glands are thick, discolored, or contains pus, this could be the result of an anal gland infection. Intestinal parasites can be easily diagnosed with a stool check. Most parasitic worms will deposit microscopic eggs within a dog's stool. These eggs can look like small rice grains. They may be hidden within the stool or in the fur around the rectum. Dogs may have environmental allergies, food allergies, or both. Food allergies occur year round. If you suspect environmental allergies or there is a blood test that your vet can send to an outside lab for analysis. . . .

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