Raising Mealworms For Your Pet Is Easy, Fast, And Secure: How To Make A Home For A Mealworm Colony In Your Pet'S Garden

Mealworms are used as a food source for many different exotic pets. Reptiles, amphibians, sugar gliders, skunks, chickens, hedgehogs, and other animals eat different amounts of mealworms as part of their regular diet. Raising your own mealworms is easy to do. It can help you ensure your pet is receiving healthy, convenient food for their pet. All you need are a few cheap items! Small plastic or glass containers with a vented lid. Bran or oats are good for the substrates and a raw potato cut in half will provide food. Mealworm larvae are the larval stage of the mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor). A mealworm larva will molt between nine and 20 times before it is consumed. After each molt it will grow ever so slightly. It won't naturally grow to be longer than an inch. Once you have a large supply of mealworm larvae, the dirty substrates can be filtered out and the mealworms can be put in the clean substrates. You can offer a commercial diet for gut-loading or a home-made variety of vegetables and fruits to the colony to gut load them. If you are worried about your colony staying warm enough due to cold weather or air conditioning, place a heating pad under the containers to keep it warm. If your mealworms get too cold, they will stop growing, and you will not get any more new worms. . . .

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