How To Keep Your Axolotl Wet With Water That'S Right For You And Your Axolotl (And Your Wallet)

The kind of water you use to keep your pet axolotl wet can play a significant role in his overall health. Minerals and salts are necessary for the water you choose. Chemours like fluoride and chlorine are not. A pH level of 7. 4-7. 5 is unsafe. Axolotls need minerals that are found in natural water. Bottled water is typically spring water that is treated but has added minerals and salts. Check the label of bottled water to make sure it isn't really distilled water. It has been treated by reverse osmosis, filtration, or another way to remove chemicals. Some well water is too high in iron and has an inappropriate pH for amphibians. Distilled water can be tested using test strips in the aquarium section at the pet store. It will determine if the water is at an appropriate pH level. Distill water has none of the important minerals and salt that amphibians require. . . .

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