Expressing Anal Glands In Cats: Functionality And Purpose

(max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/expressing-anal-glands-555050_Final-02fbb1c9694b48cebb06c3066129bffa. jpg) A cat's anal glands naturally express a scent-marking liquid when they defecate. Sometimes an impaction may occur that prevents the fluid from escaping.

Anal Glands in Cats: Functionality and Purpose

It may require your help with their anal glands. You can learn to perform the procedure at home (assuming your cat is cooperative) and save some money. Anal glands are small structures on both sides of the anal canal. They are used to send a powerful scent message. Issues such as anal gland infections and tumors require additional treatment. Do not express the glands without first consulting your vet. You will likely need the help of another person to hold the cat while you perform the operation. When full, they feel like soft but firm peaches or jelly beans. Hold the cat's tail up. Locate the anal glands at about 5 and 7 o 'clock positions. The Anal Gland Expression: Press inward and upward at the same time until the gland releases its contents and is empty. Clean the anal area with moist wipes or a damp paper towel. Finally give the cat a last treat and celebrate! Anal sac (gland) secretion is a yellowish color. It is also oily in appearance and smell. If not expressed regularly, the secretion thickens to a mush-like consistency. Infection leading to abscess: Infected anal glands become swelling, painful and red. . . .

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