How To Express Your Dog'S Anal Glands In The Home (Video)

Anal sacs are two small pouches of tissue located under the surface of the skin on either side of a dog's armpits. The fluid in the anal glands is released routinely during defecation. It may aid in lubrication. The problem arises when the material isn't released as it should be. Manually expressing a canine's anal sacs is best taught in person by someone who is familiar with the process. Any dog owner can learn to do this at home as long as there's no infection present. Most people leave it to a professional because it's not pleasant. In some cases, the anal sac glands can become impacted or infected. If your dog's anal area becomes reddened or you see pus around its ass, this may indicate a problem with its anal sac sacs. If you dog has ongoing problems with anal sex, see your doctor right away. Watch Now: Why Do Some Poopies Eat Poop?.

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