How To Keep Your Dog'S Paw Pads Soft And Safe

A dog's pampers are made of various fatty and elastic connective tissues. They are tough and thickened to protect your dog when walking on rough surfaces. They can also be sensitive enough to alert your dog if a surface is hot or cold. It”s important to keep your dog”S paws healthy. If they become dry, cracked, or otherwise irritable and inflamed, it can be painful for your dog to get around. A common first step to help keep these pamper soft is Epsom salt soak. A lot of dogs don’t like being touched because they associate having their paws touched with nail trims. To encourage their dog to stay in the bathtub while their paws soak, you can hold a lox mat loaded with peanut butter. Soaking and ointments are preventatives. For minor scratches, gently clean your dog's injured pouches with a dilute antiseptic, such as chlorhexidine, and then gently dry the pad with a clean, soft towel. If the skin in between the pad is red or inflamed or if your dog reacts so painfully that you can”t even touch the pad, you should seek the help of your veterinarian. . . .

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