Anxiety In Dogs Can Be A Tricky Thing To Deal With, But Can Be Treated With A Dose Of Cannabidiol (Cbd) That Is Nonpsychoactive

Anxiety in dogs is a tricky thing to deal with. It can sometimes even go unnoticed. Symptoms include scratching at doors, licking of the lips, increased grooming, whimping, pacing, and uncontrolled urination. Halloween and the fourth of July are two holidays with high anxiety rates.

Bulldog standing on brick looking sad

CBD is a compound of the Hemp plant. It is called Cannabidiol. CBD has less than . 03%THC when properly made. This is important because that amount is nontoxic to dogs. It also nonpsychoactive at this level because all comes from the CBD compound. CBD can be a good option to improve the mental well being of your furry friend. Some of the more important benefits backed by testing it is linked to include: Seizure reduction for both amount and severity. Pain relief for cancer and tumor cell prevention. Blood disorders and arthritis. . . .

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