How To Find The Best Home For A Hedgehog In The Wild

Hedgehogs in the wild cover a lot of ground in their search for food. There is some debate about the ideal housing for pet hedgehogs. The most important considerations are size, safety, ventilation and ease of cleaning. Find a cage that meets the unique requirements of a hedgehog. A hedgehog cage needs to have a solid floor. Avoid any cage with wire or wire mesh flooring. Cages should not have any sharp edges or spaces where the animal could get their head stuck. The best ventilation is provided by a wire cage. Aquariums will work, but you will need a large one (30 gallon is a good minimum) and a wire mesh top. Many owners have gotten creative with creating cages out of plastic storage bins. These homes can work quite well with a little creativity. Wading pools (sturdy plastic with high sides) and home-made wooden cage are other possibilities. As long as a cage is large enough, escape-proof, safe, ventilated, and easy to clean, then only your imagination is the limit!.

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