How To Keep Your Ferrets Safe In Your Home: How To Keep Them Out Of Your Kitchen, Laundry, And Heating/Air Ducts (And More)

Ferrets are very curious and love enclosed spaces. Ferrets can easily tear through a window screen. Be sure to keep windows closed when your ferret can reach them. Check for small openings to the outdoors. Ferret can easily fit under most appliances. He can then get up into the innermost part of the appliance. Ferres are very attracted to laundry rooms. They could inadvertently be put in the washer (or dryer) with a basket of clothes. If your ferrets have access to these rooms, you must find a way to block them. Recliners are very dangerous to ferrets. They can trap and severely hurt them. Ferrettes will chew up and swallow a surprising variety of items. Indigestible items swallowed by ferrets block the digestive system and require surgery to remove. Ferrats will also ingest toxic substances. These may include chemicals, poisonous plants, medications, etc. The following list is a good starting point for ferret proofing. Make sure they can't get into the heating/air ducts or they might get stuck, injured, or end up outdoors. Watch for things that your pet might chew and swallow. . . .

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