Raw Food Diets Are Becoming More Popular For Dogs, But What You Need To Know About Raw Food Diets For Your Pet: Veterinary Nutritionist

Raw food diets have become increasingly popular as alternatives to traditional dog food diets. Fresh meat, vegetables, grains, organ meats, eggs, fruit, and even some dairy may be part of a homemade, raw diet. Freeze-dried and frozen options exist for dog owners who appreciate convenience. Some owners feel that since a dog's ancestors ate raw foods in the wild, their domesticated dog should too. Some dogs have food sensitivities or allergies that make it difficult to purchase commercially prepared diets. Raw dog diets can harbor bacteria like Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli. Raw food diets are more expensive than commercially prepared kibble or canada food. Raw dogs need more than just raw meat, so a veterinary nutritionist should be involved in making your dog's diet. . . .

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