Change The Water In Your Fish Tank To Make It More Oxygen

Herbie spent the night in a plastic bag. Over the weekend, my father picked up a glass fish bowl, a small bridge, and some blue gravel. We cleared a spot on a side table and Herbie lived in that bowl for about two years. When the bowl became so cloudy that we couldn't see Herbie very well, it was time to change his water. Fish breath oxygen and release carbon dioxide. They use their gills to extract oxygen from the water. In nature, the action of currents and photosynthesis by aquatic plants replenishes oxygen levels in water continually. Using an electric-powered filter helps to address the basic needs of providing oxygen in water. There are simple and complex systems suitable for your situation. The size and kind of filter will depend on the size of the tank. Be sure to purchase a filter that matches the number of gallon that the aquarium holds to get the proper flow rate measured in GPH. Use the guideline of one gallon of water per square foot of fish. Betta fish need space to swim, find food and hide. This allows more than the standard amount of water for a size of your fish. They are beautiful in color and classically sold as solo fish. .

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