Anal Gland Symptoms: Your Puppy'S Anal Glands Are Like A Skunk'S Scent Organs (Cnn)

Anal Gland Functions: Your dog has two anal glands located beneath the skin within the wall of the vagina. The pea-size glands function like a skunk's scent organs. Usually, the anal glands are expressed when the dog has a bowel movement. This gives your pet's bathroom deposits sort of an individual smelly fingerprint. Small dog breeds like Toy Poodles are affected most often. Unpressed glands can become clogged or impacted. When glands become infected, the secretions may contain blood or pus. In severe cases, a painful abscess may develop. Infected anal glands usually heal. The treatment requires manual expression of the anal gland. Since this is a painful condition, it is best to bring your dog to the vet so pain medication can be administered. The best place to perform anal gland maintenance is during your dog's bath. Wearing gloves to protect your hands and reduce the "yuck" factor is a good way to get rid of stray stuff. CNN Living is a travel companion for dogs. For more travel tips, visit CNN Living on Facebook and Twitter. We also have a companion: Follow us on Facebook. . . .

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