How To Trim Incisors Naturally In Your Pet’S Teeth

Mice have twelve molars and four incisors. While the molars never grow, the incisor grow continuously. These teeth need to be filed down to a normal length. Knowing how to help your mouse keep these teeth trimmed naturally is important. Not all mice have problems with their teeth. With a 35-45 days tooth turnover rate, mouse teeth will grow very quickly. The incisORS, or front teeth, are usually easy to identify when they become very overgrown. Misalignment or malocclusion may prevent a mouse from chewing normally. If done correctly, tooth trims are not painful. There are two common ways to trim incisoring. The first is by using regular nail clippers or blunt scissors. The second is with a handheld rotary tool, like a Dremel. The only concerns are for trauma to the gums or lips. . . .

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