Ferrets Can Get Along With Your Dogs, Cats, Or Other Pets

Many households have many types of animals. If you have a ferret or are thinking of getting one, you want to know if the pet ferret would get along with your dog, cat, or other pet. This is a complex issue and depends a lot on the personality and characteristics of all animals involved. Ferrets and cats often get along well. It depends on the temperaments of all pets involved. Cats can be a little tough on ferrets, especially cats. Be sure to keep ferrets away from dog food and toys. Ferret are carnivores. They may think of other small pets as a meal. Small animals can trigger a predator-prey reflex in your ferret. It is recommended to keep both ferrets and pets separate from cats and dogs. A ferret that grows up with cats or dogs is likely to get along better. . . .

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