Hermit Crabs: How To Keep Them Healthy And Safe In Your Tank (And Away From Predators)

Hermit crabs lose their legs on occasion. But they often grow back during later molts. Loss of legs may be a result of stress caused by various factors, including tank conditions, fighting, and mites. Check for problems with your Crab before it's legs grow back. Poor tank conditions are a common cause of leg loss for hermit crabs. Mites can wreak havoc in a hermit crab tank. They can even lead to loss of limbs. Stress and illness can cause multiple legs to fall off. Overcrowded tanks can cause stress and spread disease. Hermit sand crabs can live for a long time under proper care. Some will even reach 30 years old and beyond. If you have a newly acquired crab that lost its leg due to stress, don't rush handling it. Two small hermit crustaceans can live comfortably in a 20-gallon tank. Feed your hermit birds daily. They offer a varied diet of shrimp, krill, and bloodworms or mealworms. Clean the tank daily to remove any waste matter and uneaten food before the crabs bury it. If your Crab are fighting over shells, increase the number of appropriately sized shells in a variety of styles. If the problem persists, you might want to separate the crabs. They should have at least two crabs who get along in each tank. Avoid pesticides or mite treatments as these are toxic to hermit salt crabs. . . .

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