Taming Pet Mice Is Very Possible, Though It May Take Some Patience

Taming pet mice is very possible. It may take some patience. Use lots of treats and work slowly. Make sure your mouse is comfortable with each step before proceeding to the next. Your mouse must believe that it is safe with you, despite your enormous size. It is best not to allow pet mice to run around outside their cage unless they are tame. The stress of hunting, catch, and returning them to their cage may scare them and make them fear their owners. Make it clear that the area is very well mouse-proofed. A new mouse needs a few days to adjust to their new home (keep maintenance and interaction to a minimum)Move slowly, speak softly, and limit interactions to times when the mouse is yawning. Waking sleeping mice isn't a good way to gain trust. After a few weeks, your mouse should be able to stay calm. When your mouse approaches the cage bars, offer a treat (e. g. sunflower seeds, small pieces of nuts, or raisins). It will keep doing this until it comes to the cage door. Never pick up a mouse by its tail. It could startle or hurt it. Cover the cup's opening with your other hand to prevent escapes and injuries. Mice are timid animals. Small sounds or motion can scare them. To keep your mouse safe outside the cage, you want to create a play area. You can start to "proof" its friendly behavior by gently challenging it with unexpected sounds and new people. .

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