100 Mouse Names From Fiction: Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Minnie Minnie Minnie, And More

Mice are gentle, well-loved little pets. They have captured the hearts and minds of people of all ages. The list of mouse names from fiction is long. The names can be derived from the animal's unique qualities. Take a look at 100 names for mice. This includes male and female names. A mouse's lifespan is about 1 to 2 years. Each litter comes with 4 to 12 pups. Think about what you like and personalize your pet mouse's name to something meaningful to you. Top Mice Names: Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse (Minnie Mouse), Mighty Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Mouse Mouse . Some of the favorite male monikers tend to be softer, gentler selections. The rats from "The Secret of NIMH" and other cartoon and comic book mice make for some witty names based on mouse names. Squeaker (or Squeak) and Mouse are Mouse names. Little Cheese: Big Cheese, Chuck E. Cheese, Little Cheese, Mousetrap, Nibbles, and Mouse. . . .

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