How To Keep Your Cat From Crying At Night While You'Re Trying To Sleep

Cats are active and sleep at night when you are trying to sleep. Some cats are also very active during the day. They don't expend much of it at all while you are asleep. They might want to play, explore, eat, scratch or get your attention. If your cat is crying for your attention while you're trying to go to sleep, ignore them. Until you can prevent the meowing, earplugs may be your only solution. Make sure you are wearing your cat out during the night by giving it toys to play with. A hungry cat is not a quiet cat at night. When your pet is hungry, make sure you feed it before going to bed. This will only teach your cat that you will feed it. Cats can develop cognitive dysfunction that affects their ability to understand what's going on around them. If you suspect your cat has some sort of cognitive dysfunction, get a definitive diagnosis. Then discuss treatment options with your veterinarian. Special foods and nutritional supplements may be recommended to help keep your cat's brain functioning. As can hearing, eye sight can deteriorate with age and disease. If a cat is sick, call your vet immediately. Always consult your doctor for health-related questions. . . .

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