The Bed That Gets Your Dog Out Of Yours Is A Bed That Gets Your Dog Out Of Yours

Some dogs try to hide. They start cowering, shaking, or urinating out of nervousness. Others become anxious or show signs of aggression, such as growling or baring their teeth. In some cases, a dog may attack or bite a man. There are some things you can do to help your dog get over its fear. Being abused by a man can cause a lifelong fear of all men. Even a dog that has lived with a man will be fearful in the presence of unfamiliar men. It can take a lot of time for any dog to overcome any phobia. Stay in the Dog's Comfort Zone (max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/dog-putting-paw-on-man's hand-73304895-5c43a943c9e77c000128f176. jpg) Desensitization is the process of using treats and praise to gradually let your dog know that it's safe to approach men. In severe cases, don't start with the dog and a man in the same room.

Dog putting paw on man?s hand

Instead, try to keep your dog a safe distance from the man. This is especially true if your dog's fear of men is especially pronounced. It's beneficial to have the help of an experienced dog trainer or behaviorist. A professional dog trainer will be able to gauge the dog's comfort level to the proximity of men and help you move ahead safely. Watch Now: The Bed That Gets Your Dog Out of Yours . .

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