How To Keep Your Male Lizard'S Hemipenenes From Prolapsed

Hemipenes are moist, pink, fleshy, reproductive organs. They are located under and on either side of your male lizard's cloacal opening. Only males have them. They can be visible unless they are exposed. Hemipenes can pop out if there are females in your male's line of sight. If your male feels threatened, another male is trying to be more dominant. Sometimes hemipenenes will prolapse while removing excess skin and impacted/dried feces around the vent. Provide adequate humidity in your reptile's environment to assist in full-body sheds. Don't purposely extract the hemipenes to sex them or clean them. If you suspect the hemipsenis is impacted, soak the reptile in a warm water bath for 15 to 20 minutes before trying to clean it out. . . .

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