Tube For Ferrets Is A Great Way To Provide Your Pet With A Fun And Safe Play Area

Ferrets are domesticated relatives of the European polecat and members of the weasel family. Black-foot ferrets and minks are closely related. They use burrows in the ground as their dens. Some ferrets are obsessed with tubes and spend most of their time running through them. If you don't have a tube or play tunnel for your ferret, you are missing out on the opportunity to give your pet some wonderful enrichment. Tubes are also not only fun for your pet but are very entertaining to watch your ferrets play in. Hard and flexible tubes are available for pet ferrets. Hard tubes can be added to ferret cage tubes that are designed to have tubes connecting one level to the next. Hard tubing that separates in half is easier to clean than flexible tubing. Flexible tubing is more versatile. Ferrets can be made from tubing that can be washed. Dryer and other air duct vent tubing, children's play tubes, pond tubing, and more can be used as ferret tubes. Simply placing these tubes on the floor in your ferrret-proofed room will provide hours of fun and exercise for the ferret. . . .

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