Circling In Hamsters: What To Do If Your Hamster Has A Head Tilt Or An Ear Infection

Circling in hamsters occurs when a hamster has a head tilt. Head tilts are usually a result of an inner ear infection due to bacteria. There are other causes also. An infection from a dirty environment or a respiratory infection can also cause circling. If your hamster was injured before the circling began, this may mean it suffered some head trauma. Seizures are a symptom that will happen with epilepsy, another neurological issue. If the behavior is caused by an ear infection, antibiotics that are safe for the hamster to take will need to be prescribed as treatment. Without them, permanent damage can occur to your hamsters's ear and the circling may never stop. Infections can also lead to more serious complications. In extreme cases, these complications can be life-threatening. When they are out of their cage, keep your hster safe if you have dogs or cats in the house. Make sure that their cage is secure and locked over at all times. Be sure to only allow children to handle your little hamster when it is on the ground. Small Pets is a weekly, offbeat look at pets in the U. S. and around the world. You can visit our website/Small pets for more information on our weekly and offbeat looks at pets. . . .

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