Hamster Wheels Are The Best Way To Keep Your Hamsters Safe And Warm In Their Modular Home

Hamsters are born to run and a safe hamster wheel gives them the opportunity to do just that. In the wild hamsters travel several miles each night in search of food. Some hamsters have been reported to run up to eight kilometers a night on their hamster wheels. The size of your hamster's wheel depends on the size of the full-grown hamster. A 14-inch diameter wheel is a favorite size according to some preference tests. If you get a creaky wheel, just place a few drops of vegetable oil where the wheel spin. The following wheel can expand your hamsters modular home by attaching them externally. These wheel have the same problems as a plastic modular cage: They are poorly ventilated (so your little hamster could potentially overheat) and are difficult to clean. Most people will have to completely disassemble the cage on a regular basis. CritterTrail Snap-On Comfort Wheel: This is an enclosed wheel. It is attached to the side of the Crittertrail system cage. Funnel wheel: It is a smaller wheel. Like the other modular cage wheel options, it is best suited for a dwarf hamster. . . .

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