Eye Problems In Hamsters: What To Do If Your Pet'S Eyes Start To Look A Little Blue Or Red

When well cared for, hamsters don't usually have a lot of health problems. An eye problem is one such problem. It should not be ignored. Knowing what kind of eye problems hamsters have can help keep your hamster comfortable and fully sighted. The types of eye issues in hamsters are outlined below. Proptosis is when the hamster's eye comes out of the eye socket. This usually happens when a hamster is squeezed too hard. This can be caused through rough handling, accidental stepping on, or even through a dog or cat attack. Special eye drops, stains, lenses, and lights may be used to diagnose eye problems. If your hamsters eye needs to be cleaned before treating it, you can use a warm, wet cloth to gently remove dirt. Saline eye drops or artificial tears can be applied to wash and lubricate the eye as well. Most problems will require topical medications. Some hamsters may also need oral medications or even surgery. Cages should be kept clean and free of dust and extra care. Extra dusting can send tiny particles into the air that irritate your hster's eyes. Hamsters are generally better kept as individual pets. If fights between pairs or groups of hamsters become regular, or you suspect a hamsters is being bullying, permanent separation may be the safest option. . . .

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