How To Find The Best Home For Your New Pet: Hamsters, Cats, Dogs, And Guinea Pigs (And Guinea Pigs)

Hamsters are common household pets. They are naturally nocturnal. So be prepared for some sounds at night. They do best when they are alone. Hamsters need a well-ventilated cage with a place to hide and a varied diet. Make sure you know what your new pet can and can't do. Get a cage large enough for your hamster. It is escape-proof and easy to clean. Never underestimate the ability of a hamster to escape. It can fit through pretty small spaces and chew through plastic walls surprisingly quickly. Hamers love to run and need exercise. So purchase the largest, best-quality exercise wheel you can. Pelleted hamsters offer a good nutritional balance and are a better option than loose food mixes. Shredded toilet paper or facial tissues are excellent comfort materials and are budget-friendly. Consider a Hamster House or Hide Box for your Hamster to sleep in. A hide box can be as simple as a small cardboard box or a plastic box. If your hamsters escape, keep watch near the cage and then spread your search to other rooms. . . .

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