The Power Of Your Dog'S Nose: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dog'S Natural Ability To Sniff Out The World'S Blood

Don't overerestimate the power of your dog's nose. They could be up to 100,000 times more sensitive than our own. A dog would be able to find a single drop of blood from an area as large as an Olympic-sized pool. Owners often mistake the long walk for tiring a dog out. Slow Dog Walks Down and Give Your Dog Choices is a guide to giving your dog more freedom on a walk. Your dog is given few choices of their own. You make time to allow them to decide. The dog sniffs. It is an important part of dog communication. Owners can be embarrassed when their dog automatically looks towards the nose of another dog when they first meet. For a dog, this is almost like an evaluative smile. They are getting to know the smell of the other dog. The sniffsing activities for dogs include foraging for food and forage for treats. Scent Work Classes can help you improve your pet's skills. It can also be a great way to strengthen your bond. Your pet will be taught to identify a particular scent and will learn how to find it and alert their handler as to the position it has been hidden. . . .

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