Exotic Pet Name Ideas: R2D2, R2D2, Rachel, Rafiki, Rafiki, Rafiki, Raider, Rafiki, Roo, Romeo, Romeo, Roo

An exotic pet is generally considered to be anything that is not a cat, dog, or domesticated farm animal. Many people choose a name based on their animal's appearance. For example, Rusty for a cat and R for a rabbit. Here are some excellent exotic pet naming options that start with the letter R. Some exotic pets have an average lifespan of a few years in the wild. Others, including tortoises and large parrot, can live for 50 years or longer. Not every type of exotic pet will actually learn and respond to its name. Changing a pet’s name can still be a pain. R2D2, Raider, Rafiki, Roo, Rocky, Romeo, Razzle and Rose are just a few of the exotic pet name ideas. . . .

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