Choosing A Pet Lizard: How To Choose The Right One For Your Family (And Yourself)

Deciding on a lizard as a pet means you are making a long-term commitment. Find out all you can about the type of lizard you want. Then, carefully consider if you can provide the care required over the entire lifespan of that lizard. All reptiles can carry salmonella. If you are new to lizards, start with one of the easier species to care for and handle. Wild-caught lizards tend to be more stressed, prone to parasites and disease, and are more difficult to tame. Be sure to get a captive bred individual from a good breeder. Lizards for Beginners: Leopard geckos are the ultimate starter lizards. Bearded dragons and frill-necked lizards are docile and easy to handle. Blue-tongued skinks need a good sized tank and full-spectrum - light. :max _bytes(150000):strip_icc()/pet-lizards-1239181-final-5be3579ec9e77c0051ad67f0. jpg) Lizards are for experienced owners: Day geckoos, Chinese water dragons, long-tailed lizards and black-throated monitors. Do your research before getting one to make sure you are capable of care for them.

illustration of choosing a pet lizard

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