Taming An Iguana Is A Balance Between Not Pushing Too Hard And Showing The Iguana Who Is In Charge

Iguanas are beautiful lizards and can make wonderful pets. Many owners are surprised by how large, strong, and sometimes aggressive iguanas become as they grow. Getting an Iguana from a rescue is a wonderful idea. However, remember some may have been neglected and even mistreated. It may take a little longer to gain their trust. Iguanas have sharp teeth and bite. They may try to whip you with their tail. Establish a routine for feeding, cleaning, and handling. Talk to the Iguana as you do routine tasks. Put the Iguan in a place where it can observe you. Taming an Igluan is a balance between not pushing too hard and showing the animal who is in charge. You have to be firm and persistent without trying to completely stress out the Igluana. If you immediately stop trying, the animal thinks it is training you. Be clear about who is making the decisions and who are in charge of your iguana's life. Make sure the room is safe and escape-proof before handling your guinea pig. If an enemy iguana gets away from you, this will help you in the capture process. Put down Your Iguana Only When It Is Calm and Don't Put It Down Until It Is TooCalm. Never go for the tail, and don't follow the lizard. . . .

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