Testing For Phosphate In Your Aquarium Water Will Help You Reduce Its Effects

Phosphate (PO4) is present in every aquarium. Many aquarium owners aren’t aware that it is there. The phosphate level will continually rise and contribute to algae growth if the aquarium is not properly maintained. Testing for phosphate and learning about the sources of phosphate in your aquarium water will help you reduce its effects. Ideal phosphate level to prevent the growth of algae is 0. 2 mg/L or less. Test kits can only test for inorganic phosphate. Be sure that you only test a portion of the total phosphate in the aquarium. Large water changes will help bring phosphate down quickly, but the fix will be temporary. The primary source of phosphate for an aquarium is flake food. Just a small amount of salt once or twice a day is enough for most adult fish. Frequent water changes can help keep phosphate levels from rising. By keeping the tank free of debris and algae, it will help avoid phosphate build-up. . . .

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