Green Hair Algae Is A Common Scourge Of The Fish Tank

Green hair algae is a common problem of the fish tank. It makes long strings that give it a hairy appearance. It is not toxic to fish or invertebrates, but it can entangle them. Extensive growth of algae can reduce light and oxygen in your tank. Green hair algae can grow on aquarium glass, substrates, and decorations. Some species can grow several inches long within days. Fish break down dietary protein to release ammonia. This ammonia is used as a source of food by plants and algae. The more food you have for the algae, the more algae you can expect to have. It's recommended to use a gravel siphon weekly to remove excess food. Chemical additives and light may work well on more complex forms of algae, but not hair algae. The best way to remove hair algae from your tank is manual removal. Always keep a close eye on your nitrate and phosphate levels. Add fish to your tank that naturally dine on algae. Regular water changes are crucial for keeping nitrates from building to unsafe levels. Be careful with your cleanings and remove hair hair algae as soon as you notice it. . . .

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