Freshwater Dip Is A Safe And Effective Way To Reduce Protozoa And Lice In Saltwater Fish

Freshwater dip is a safe and effective way to reduce protozoa and lice in saltwater fish. This method of hyposal is very effective. It takes little time to prepare. It is strongly recommended as the first step in treating diseases. Fish should be treated with fresh water (filtered or dechlorinated) and ammonia neutralizing product. Nitrofurazone-based product works well to protect the fish from being exposed to their own waste during the procedure. AmQuel by Kordon is highly recommended for this purpose. If the fish settle on their sides and do not move about, don't worry. They usually right themselves and start moving around within about a minute. If you are concerned, you can nudge them a little bit to stimulate movement. If any fish looks stressed out, remove it. . . .

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