Symptoms Of Marine Fish Diseases And Afflictions Can Be Spotted Early Enough To Help Diagnose And Treat Them: Marine Fish Disease And Afflictions: Symptoms Of Possible Symptoms

Most marine fish diseases or disorders can be corrected and cured in their early stages. To help with the diagnosis, check this list of potential symptoms. It can help you focus on a diagnosis and start early treatment. Lack of appetite is normally the first symptom of a more serious problem. White points on a fish's skin or fins can be a sign of marine parasites. These can be cryptocaryon (marine white spot disease) or Oodinium (marine velvet, coral reef fish disease) Cloudy eyes may be a result of a bacterial infection due to an injury on another part of the fish. The bacteria enters the body of the animal and then spread to the eyes, causing the cloudy appearance. Poor environmental conditions can lead to the bacteria entering the aquarium system. Rapid gilling is a sign that the fish is not getting enough oxygen into its system. Frayed fins are often caused by ammonia burns. These burns have literally "burnt" the outer edges of the fins. Red fins indicate an internal bacterial infection caused by bacteria, skin parasites or trauma. Open sores are often the result of an intestinal infestation. This has left openings in the skin that have become infected by bacteria. Abdominal swelling or bloating is usually seen in conjunction with other symptoms when they are not the fish's nighttime colors. Scratching or rubbing on rocks is a warning that the aquarium's aquarium's skin is irritable and the fish may try to remove the irritable material. Abdominal bloating can be caused by the "bends" (lack of decompression) caused by bringing fish up from deeper waters too quickly. . . .

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