Anchor Worms: What You Need To Know About The Fish Parasites That Can Be Seen By The Naked Eye In Your Fish Tank

Anchor worm are macroscopic parasites, meaning they can be seen by the eye. They are often found on koi and goldfish. However, they can also be found on many freshwater fish species. The "worm" part extending out of the fish's skin into the water is actually the female reproductive structure. Anchor worm can be one of the most visible signs of anchor worm infection. It will give a fish's mouth a "baleen" look. AnchOR worm infections are contagious among fish. They occur when a new fish is added to an aquarium carrying a juvenile anchor worm or a reproductively active female anchor worm in their skin. Skipping proper isolation makes the parasite spread very rapidly. A single adult anchor worm can produce hundreds of larvae every two weeks for up to 16 weeks in a 77 degrees Fahrenheit aquarium. Anchors can be confused with algae or plant debris. Over-the-counter treatments can be effective. They may also damage the gills and gills of fish. The best way of preventing anchor worm infestations is to properly quarantining any new additions to your aquarium. Antibiotics should not be purchased over the counter. They should only be used when prescribed by a veterinary doctor. The only method to deter these secondary bacterial infections is good water quality. . . .

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