Saltwater Aquariums: What You Need To Know About Converting Your Freshwater Tank To A Saltwater One

If you have a functioning freshwater aquarium system, you may already have most of the equipment needed to make the conversion to a saltwater aquarium system. The size of the aquarium does matter, though. For the most part the larger aquarium is suitable for a salt water aquarium. The better. Most freshwater aquariums use gravel for the substrates. Gravel Filters are considered a thing of the past, except for certain applications, such as systems requiring a surge or wave effect. Most pumps and powerheads used in aquariums are suitable in fresh or saltwater. If you plan to have a Reef tank, you will need to upgrade your freshwater lighting. Some items such as plastic plants can even be dangerous to marine life. Unless you are a "true" saltwater naturalist, adding castles, bubble divers, and sunken chests is unashamedly done. . . .

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