Cryptococcosis Is A Bacterial Infection Caused By Environmental Yeast Cryptococcus, Which Grows In Bird Droppings And Decaying Vegetation, And Is Generally Associated With Eucalyptus Trees

Cryptococcosis is a localized or systemic fungal infection caused by the environmentalist, Cryptococcus. This fungus grows in bird droppings and decaying vegetation. It is generally associated with Eucalyptus trees. It can be contracted through the dog's nasal passages and then passes into the brain. The cryptococcus yeast is usually inhaled through the nasal passages. It may also infect the stomach and intestines. Animals may have a history of problems for weeks or months. They can be especially sluggish and have a mild fever. Samples will be taken from the infected tissue. A biopsy will remove the bumpy tissue that protrudes from the nose. Flushing the nose with saline may remove infected tissue . The expected duration of treatment is three months to one year. Patients with central nervous system disease may require lifelong maintenance treatment. Improvement in clinical signs, resolution of lesions, improvement in well being and return of appetite measure response to treatment. .

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