Serial Fish Disappearances Can Be Caused By A Number Of Factors, Including Disease, Water Conditions, And Aggression

Some fish are not comfortable out in the open. They will hide most of the time. They can find some very creative out-of-the-way spots. Nocturnal fish can be very active in the dark. They may hide during the day or when the lights are on. Fish that have a movable organ can survive in the water for a while. Watch the fish closely to see if it revives. Then add some stress coat to the water to help replenish the sludge coat that will have been damaged during its trip "outdoors". Sick fish that are hiding may be the only chance to find them before they die. It's better to find the fish after they die and pass on the disease to their tank mates who will probably eat them. Sometimes sick fish become very weak and will be thrown into the filter. Dead fish don't swim. The other fish in the tank will start feasting on their former tank mate. There may be disease present, or another fish may have become a bully and is taking out his companions. Serial fish disappearances can be caused by a number of factors. Water conditions are a top candidate to consider, as well as disease. Monitor fish interaction closely to find if any fish are showing aggression. If aggressive fish are noted, move the aggressive fish to another aquarium. . . .

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