Nitrate In Aquariums: How To Keep It Low And Safe For Your Fish And Marine Life

Nitrate is a by-product of nitrite oxidation during the latter stages of the nitrogen cycle. Detritus, decaying plant material, dirty filters, over-feeding and overstocking the aquarium all contribute to increased nitrate. Tap water used to fill the aquarium may contain nitrate levels in water that are very low. They are generally well below 5ppm. Nitrates should be kept below 50ppm in freshwater aquariums at all times. Elevated nitrate concentrations are especially harmful to fish and young fish. They will negatively affect their growth. Well-oxygenated conventional filters will not harbor the kinds of bacteria that remove nitrate . There are steps you can take to keep nitrate low. Waste ultimately produces nitrate because cleaner tanks produce less nitrate that must be removed by water changes. Overfeeding is a significant contributor to excess nitrate and other unwanted waste. Live plants use nitrate to help keep the levels of nitrate lower. . . .

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