Kordon Malachite Green Treatment For Fungal Hygienic Infection In Fish And Shells (Dfs# 21207, 21208, 21208)

Malachite Green is a dye used for fabrics, leather, and paper. It is also used as a biological stain. In aquaculture, it is often used as an anti-fungal stain for eggs in hatcheries. It can be most effective against external parasites. Add 10 teaspoons of 0. 038% Kordon Malachite green per gallon of water to a clean, non-metallic water bottle. Add 1 gallon of aged hatchery water, or water treated with NovAqua (DFS# 21207, 21208) to the water. Transfer the fishes to a separate quarantined tank if possible. Superficial fungal infections will respond to a single treatment. However, advanced, deep-seated mycosis require additional prolonged therapy. The disappearance of the strand (fungus hyphae) from the affected areas signals a successful treatment. Remind any invertebrates you wish to save. Perform a partial water change of at least 25%. Calculate the actual volume of water needed to be treated. This assumes the displacement of water. Use 5 mL (1 capful) to every 40 L (10 gallon) of water for a 1-hour dip. Repeat daily as long as fish show no stress. When fish experience stress, change 50% of the water color to blue. . . .

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