Here Are Some Things You Can Do Ahead Of Time To Make Your Aquarium While You'Re Away A Little More Stable And Safe

When going on a trip for business or a vacation, it is best to arrange to have someone attend to or at least check in on your aquarium once a day while you are gone. There are a number of things you can do ahead of time which will make it easier to tend your aquarium while you're away. Go over the basics of how your aquarium system is set up with your helper. Perform all of the necessary regular maintenance tasks several days before leaving. A system that is in tip-top shape will need little care and will give you peace of mind. If you do not use an automatic fish feeder, it's a good idea to pre-measure the daily food amount into zip lock baggies. Put the date on each bag. That will prevent your fish sitter from overfeeding the fish, which is the main reason fish die. You leave phone numbers for where you can be reached. They include an emergency number for a person or persons who may be able to help with a problem. Make it easier for someone else to take care of your aquarium when you are away. . . .

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