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If you care for aquarium fish properly, a disease rarely occurs. Here are the 10 basic rules to follow to keep your fish healthy. Buy a good water test kit before introducing any fish into your aquarium. The pH should be 7. 0 to 7. 8. Make sure that the temperature in the aquarium is suitable for your chosen occupants. Use an aquarium thermometer and a thermometer to keep the water at the correct temperature. Water flow through the filter should be about four times the volume of the tank. A 20-gallon tank should have a filter flow of 80-gallons per hour. Learn as much as you can about each species you intend to keep. Your stocking level will depend on the adult size of the fish, not the size when you purchase it. Research if the fish is compatible with other fish you already have. Introduce fish gradually into a newly set up aquarium. Overloading your aquarium by adding all new fish as soon as you set it up will cause problems. It takes time for the good bacteria to grow. So add fish to new aquariums over 4 to 6 weeks. Twice daily is enough for feeding adult fish, and maybe more for young fish. Clean your filters regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Avoid cleaning the sponge media in raw tap water. Use some of the water from the aquarium to help the beneficial bacteria not get killed. Change only one media at each filter cleaning. These disease profiles include steps for diagnosis, treatment and tips for prevention. . . .

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