How To Keep Your Fish Healthy And Safe In Your Aquarium

Aquariums go through a process of establishing beneficial bacterial colonies. Failure to understand this process is the largest contributing factor to the loss of fish in new aquariums. Learning what it is and how to deal with critical periods during the nitrogen cycle will greatly increase your chances of successful fish keeping. When fish are introduced to the aquarium, the nitrogen process begins. Their feces, urine, as well as any uneaten food, are quickly broken down into either ionized or un-ionized ammonia. The ionized form, Ammonium (NH4+), is present if the pH is below 7 or above. Nitrate is not toxic to most fish at low to moderate levels. Routine partial water changes will keep the nitrate levels within the safe range. Established aquariums should be tested for nitrate every month to make sure levels are not becoming extremely high. The addition of one to three teaspoons of aquarium salt per gallon of water will reduce nitrite toxicity. . . .

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